Our Jewelry

Brazilian Gold-dipped

Our Brazilian gold-dipped jewelry consists of 5-12 layers of 18k gold and it is perfect for everyday wear. Brazilian gold-dipped is a great option if you are looking for quality pieces at an affordable price. With proper care it can last for years and it holds better than regular gold plated jewelry. Making our jewelry ideal for trendy fashion pieces at an affordable price. A happy medium.

*Please review each product description to determine the number of gold layers on each piece. The durability of the piece increases with more layers of gold, and this is also reflected in the pricing. We offer a range of quality options to cater to your preferences.*

Our jewelry is not considered US gold-filled nor plated.

US Gold-Plated

US Gold plated jewelry is coated with a very thin layer of gold, it is cheaper and will not last. It consists of less than .05% gold, not even 1 full layer of gold. This process is known as covering the base metal with a flash of gold. The plating is so thin that it will rub off very easily.

US Gold-Filled

US gold-filled jewelry tends to be much more expensive because it consists of bonding a higher percentage of gold to its base. Typically it consists of 5% 14k gold.